What is High CRI, what kinds of CRI is suitbale for me?

The full name of CRI is Color rendering index. It is a quantitative index of object’s original color, CIE Ra is an international standard.

Faithful color

Faithful color is the ability to correctly display the original color of the object, the sun’s CIE Ra is defined as 100, the closer to 100 means the better CRI.
High CRI lighting brings out more accurate and natural colors.
It’s not mean high CRI strip light is must suitable for you, because the high display will lose part of the brightness. So pls choose the right CRI due to the using areas.

CRI>90 suitable for places where need precise color contrasting, such as dressing table, table art, commodity illumination.

CRI 80-89 is used to places where need correctly identify the color, such as indoor reading, office, shopping malls.

CRI 70-79 is good for use in places where need moderate color rendering, such as outdoor lighting.