Project Description

Silicone Spray Waterproof Strip Light Excellent Translucency LED Strip

Item NO.  AT-LS221

Bright and highly energy efficient LEDs
Low power consumption
Cuttable and easy to connect
50,000 hours lifespan
Outdoor IP65 waterproof
2 year warranty

What is Spray waterproof strip light?

Spray waterproof strip light is the use of high-quality silicone, through the spraying process,form a thickness of about 0.5mm silicone protective layer on the surface,can get IP65 waterproof and dustproof, with Excellent translucency.

What are the advantages of spray waterproof strip light?

Silicone sprayed silica gel is chemically bonded and integrated with the surface of the led strip light. It is not easy to tear and not be completely stripped even with external force ,also does not affect the bending of the strip light.

The thickness of the glue layer is about 0.5mm, which is the same size as that of the bare board IP20 nonwaterproof strip,very good light transmittance ,almost no missing of brightness.

High-quality silicone is not easy to turn yellow even under Long-term outdoor using, waterproof rating reached IP65, good waterproof moisture effect.

Can be used for special strip light, such as S-shaped strip light, normal waterproof is not avaliable for this.

Long lifespan, safe and durable, easy maintenance.

Silicone spray strip light by the using of automated spraying process, high production efficiency,ensure production capacity, great spray consistency.