Project Description

Silicone Extrusion Waterproof LED Strip Light

Item NO.  AT-LS222

Bright and highly energy efficient LEDs
Low power consumption
Cuttable and easy to connect
50,000 hours lifespan
Outdoor IP65 waterproof
2 year warranty

What is silicone extrusion waterproof led strip light?

Silicone Extruded Waterproof strip light is full wraped by silicone. Both of the strip light and silicone go through automatic production line together to get waterproof effects.
Can achieve solid core (filling silicone), hollow core (like tube), half-pack (shape as IP65 silicone waterproof).

What are the advantages of silicone extrusion waterproof led strip light?

Good CCT consistency, guarantee that there is no big difference in CCT of the strip light before and after silicone extrusion.
With excellent light transmittance and refractive index, can minimize the decay of the light.

The light bar is pressed out at a time and has excellent weathering resistance and water resistance, and can guarantee the normal use of the led strip light in a wide temperature range (-40 ~ 220 °C) or underwater and other special environments.

When in the situation of weak acid or weak salt not only still working but also no change in appearance .

Anti-UV,high anti-break ability.

Silicone and strip light go together through the forming model to get the needed wateproof type. Kilometers of led strips are produced at one time, standard size and high efficiency.

Silicone extrusion is heat curing type, fast curing, short delivery time.