Project Description

Background Bias Lighting For HDTV PC Monitor Home Theater Decoration

Item NO.  AT-LS220

Colorful Strip Light
Low power consumption
Cuttable and easy to connect
50,000 hours lifespan
2 year warranty

Why do not you suggest you watch TV or play computer in the darkness?

The pupil of the eye becomes larger when we watch TV, play computer or watch cellphone in darkness, You eyes will keep adjusting between the high brightness screen and the darkness background because the screen is too bright, then your eyes will easily feeling eye strain and tiredness.
Our eyes will be uncomfortable If the light is too strong,which will cause eye fatigue and dryness. But turn on the lights at night will affect the family members’ rest.

Our products can provide beautiful ambient lighting, matchable usb connector can be easily installed on TV or Computuer.
It will not only reduce the contrast on the screen when your room is too bright, some of the details the color will also be missing. You will not lose any contrast or detail by using our backlight, because it is behind the monitor without affect the screen.
6500K is film industry standards, the most conducive to enhancing the contrast.
2700K warm white can reduce damage from blue color to eyes
Colorful RGB is a good choice for decorative your screen

Our backlight will increase the brightness of the background to help eliminate eye strain.

USB LED Strip Light RGB Bias Lighting

IP65 waterproof rating
Single color, RGB
5v Cuttable each 1 leds
Easy to install with 3M adhesive
Mini controller manual control, optional infrared controller remote control
lifespan>50,000 hours, 2-year warranty

S Shape LED Strip Light Bendable Bias Lighting

No waterproof
Single color, White 2700-6500K
Easy to install with 3M adhesive
lifespan>50,000 hours, 2-year warranty
Special IP65 waterproof

Install Background Bias Lighting

1, before installation, you need to clean the paste, to ensure that the back of the TV or computer monitor is dry without dust
2, the light bar carefully paste the connection
3, confirm the location of the paste, the strong pressure to make the light bar (please do not press the lamp beads)

Install Background Bias Lighting
PC Monitor Home Theater Decoration